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The Deadbeat

Comedy, 15mins

After the sudden death of her pet hamster, young Dottie convinces her moody nihilist older brother Ned to take her to a fortune teller who claims he can raise pets from the dead. Official Website

Starring: George Wendt

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Life is Ball

Comedy, 6mins

A film that explores the life of a young man chasing his dream of playing in the NBA.

Starring: Matthew Adams

Life in the Key of B

Documentary, 5mins

A brief look at the life of a piano player as he deals with cancer.

Starring: Robert Benson


Comedy, 13mins

Havoc ensues when people and things pass their expiration dates.

Starring: Richard Henzel



Comedy, 5mins

A struggle to complete his essay arises when a kid breaks his only pencil.

Toilet Paper

Comedy, 6mins

In this pseudo sequel to Pencil, a struggle ensues when John realizes that someone forgot to replace the toilet paper roll.


The Deadline

Comedy, 5mins

My application video to the Harold Ramis Film School is an ode to Harold Ramis's classic comedy Groundhog Day.

The Claw

Drama, 21mins

While searching for his next big story, the writer of an online news publication obsesses over a peculiar investigation that might just cost him everything.

Co-Writer/Director: Connor Huchton

The Letter

Thriller, 23mins

Within the lonely confines of his house, Alfred's elderly life works like clockwork. It isn't until mysterious and anonymous letters arrive that he is driven mad by his loneliness.

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